Squaw Preparatory School to Open this Fall in Squaw Valley

The preparatory school is a public school and an extension of Creekside Cooperative Charter School in Tahoe City. Creekside has been in operation for 6 years with grades K through 7 and is moving to expand with grades 7-10 at a temporary location on the large asphalt area behind Olympic Village Inn. The focus of the school will be on academics. The school has set a goal to see 80% of its students continue on to the best universities in the country. The school is not affiliated with Squaw Valley Ski Holdings other than scheduling classes to coincide with ski training. KSL is loaning the land to house the temporary campus until the acquisition of a permanent site can be finalized by the charter school’s board of directors. Information about the school is changing and updating rapidly. To stay informed, visit www.squaw.org


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