Would You Like to See an Ice Skating Rink in Tahoe City?

Good afternoon everyone,

Attached you will see a flyer asking for public input for ideas what to do with the Tahoe City Golf Course land. There is talk of using a portion of this parcel for a full-size outdoor skating rink and through these two meetings listed, March 26th 6-8PM and March 27th 12-3PM at the golf course clubhouse, determination will be made of the public’s interest. Tahoe city has never had a better opportunity for a skating rink and we need a super large turnout at both of these meetings. There are four groups that will be represented: Tahoe City Resort Association, Tahoe City PUD, Truckee Tahoe Airport and Placer County . The airport wants a helipad, the county wants parking, the Resort Association wants what’s best for the economic vitality of the town and the PUD wants to provide the best recreational use. We need to focus on these last two. Northstar has shown tremendous success with their rink and has drawn dollars away from TC. A skating rink located in the center of town will have a huge impact for all of the businesses. The PUD wants to have a successful facility that is supported by numerous groups, i.e. public skating, figure skating, broomball and hockey. The most vocal groups will win the day so obviously we need to get the word out for a massive turnout!

Please spread the word to as many people as possible to make this dream a reality! Tahoe City is ripe for this outdoor facility.

Thanks for taking the time to participate.

Again, the dates are: March 26th 6-8PM and March 27th 12-3PM at the golf course clubhouse in Tahoe City .

PS. We need to all send Cindy Gustafson an email at cindyg@tcpud.org to show our support! If you are not able to attend, please make sure you do this!!



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