Matt Menard, Petaluma, CA,

It was always a positive experience working with Luca on my real estate investments.  Luca is professional, organized, and really catered to my needs.  I especially appreciated how well Luca presented himself and never pressured me into any decisions.  He provided me with all of the pertinent information and then let me make the decision that I felt was appropriate for me.  Additionally, I truly felt that I could trust Luca in every aspect of real estate.  His communication skills are outstanding and he always responded to me in a timely fashion.  Rather than view Luca as a real estate agent, I began to see him more as an adviser and a friend who was guiding me through the processes of real estate decision making.  This made working with Luca a very positive and successful experience.  I would highly recommend Luca to anyone looking to purchase or sell real estate in the Lake Tahoe Area.

Matt Menard
Petaluma, CA


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