Iris and Rich Stevens, Squaw Valley Home Seller

My husband and I interviewed several agents prior to listing our home in Squaw Valley.

What stood out about Alisa and Luca Adriani is their follow up, their knowledge of the market in our area, and most importantly their sincere desire to list our home. They already have an excellent reputation in Squaw Valley for sales success (and now we know why, firsthand), but so do others. I especially appreciated their optimism about our home despite the down market and their expression of what the strength of our property was. It matched our view based on what we had researched in the marketplace. It turned out we were right, we got an offer and accepted within two months of our listing. This was not our expectation (though we hoped for a quicker sale), as many of the homes on the market that we viewed had been on for literally hundreds of days! We came to the pricing of our home easily together…with a sense of the importance of being accurate yet optimistic.

Throughout the process, we felt we were in good hands. Alisa is an excellent communicator and she was unquestionably on top of everything, even though she was pregnant and had her baby during the time she listed our home! The ball never dropped.

We live in the bay area so it would have been difficult for us to be there for the little things, inspections, minor touch –ups, repairs, etc…She helped arrange everything, always priced fairly (my husband is a general contractor and he knows), and always handled quickly and easily without unneccessary fanfare. There are always so many details in the process of selling one’s home. We never had to go to the house. She took care of it for us. So much so, that we actually never physically met! Though we tried at the end when we moved out, and will do so in the future.

The process of putting a home out on the market is much more than listing it on the MLS. With Alisa and Luca, there are a myriad of ways in which they get the word out…every photograph of our home was beautiful. They have a team of professional people they work with for this process and it is accomplished up front with no delay, efficiently and well. As soon as we agreed to work together, our home was given every bit of attention necessary to get it on the market packaged in the best possible way.

I am grateful to Alisa and Luca and their new baby, Ave. As soon as she was born we got the offer…so there seemed to be a little magic.

We would recommend them without hesitation and I can truly say, this was the best and smoothest real estate transaction that we have ever had the pleasure of experiencing.

We will always love Squaw and ending that chapter of owning our place, then selling it with everything going well, simply helped he transition to end in a most positive way.

Thank you Alisa and Luca. We wish you and your little family the very best.


Iris Brito Stevens


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