Squaw Valley Year End Market Update 2012 – Single Family Homes

Squaw Valley real estate has seen 17 homes close this year. The least expensive home sold for $420,000, which was a short sale. The most expensive home to sell was $2,050,000. Out of the 17 homes that sold, only three of them were short sales. None of them were foreclosures. The average sold price was $983,352 while the median sold home price was $950,000. The average days on market was 276 days on the market. The highest days on market was 964 and the lowest was 19 days. Below is a spreadsheet for you to review the Single Family Home Sales for 2012.

Squaw Valley Year End Market Report Spreadsheet – Single Family Homes

So how does 2012 compare with 2011? Here is a quick recap on 2011; 19 homes sold, least expensive was $335,000 (foreclosure) and the most expensive was $3,375,000. Out of the 19 homes to sell two were foreclosures, four were short sales, and the rest were standard sales. The average home sold for $1,278,325 and the median home sales price was $1,150,000. The average days on market was 187, the highest was 969 days, and the lowest was 1 day.


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